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Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart
The story of your heart has been edited and influenced by myriad sources. Some of these influences—maybe family, friends, or loved ones—have helped write a story that’s in line with the unhindered life God has for you. Others have taken up the pen and added negative influences: pain, fear, doubt, bitterness, and resentment. God’s desire is to be the ultimate author and editor of your heart’s story—to align your heart with the incredible, unhindered life that he crafted specifically for you!

How do we get there? In this book, we’ll share our years of research, discoveries, and insights into the mind and heart. We’ll unpack the Heart Shapers that have formed your story; the Sore Spots that have held you back; the Heart Logic questions that are pivotal to reaching your unhindered life; the biblical truths and strategies that will get you there…and so much more. Aligning the story of your heart isn’t about trying harder, doing more, or being better—it’s about surrendering the pen of your story to God and allowing Him to edit it according to his perfect will.

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All of us have a story—the story of our hearts. Our heart’s stories have been written by past relationships, shaped by important events, and deeply ingrained into our hearts and minds. For some of us, the story has been written by parents, friends, and loved ones who gave us security, affirmation, and encouragement. However, others have very different stories, written in heartache and edited by fear and doubt.

We’ll give you a strategic pathway to redeem the story of your heart and discover the unhindered, free, beautiful life waiting for you. Don’t settle for a life full of fear and confusion; join us in partnering with God as he rewrites our stories.

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ENDORSEMENTS FOR Dr. John Walker &  Dr. Charity Byers
What People Are Saying About Different John Walker & Charity Byers Books On...
Unhindered is a brilliant book that can reshape your story and refocus your purpose.
Review by Jud W.
Unhindered provides a comprehensive Biblical approach to enjoying freedom from our brokenness and living out God’s perfect plan for our lives.
Review by Ben W.
This book is a breath of fresh air, even a lifeline for those who want to be totally free and live lives that are completely Unhindered.
Review by Kenneth C.
This won’t be just a book you ‘need’ but a book that you ‘deserve.’
Review by Nate R.

Over the years, as a leadership consultant, I’ve had the honor of serving amazing leaders. Often though, they would be at inflection points in their personal lives foreseeably taking them down an undesirable pathway. In almost all those situations I have recommended the ministry of Blessing Ranch. One hundred percent of the people I have referred to Blessing Ranch have been helped, and they’ve found personal wholeness.

Sam Chand

“You don’t NEED counseling; you DESERVE counseling." When I heard this phrase, it immediately resonated and shaped my view of having wise voices speak into my life. Dr. Walker and Dr. Byers have not only spoken into my life but have put together in this book what God has done in and through them for over 25 years at The Blessing Ranch.

Nate Ross
John Maxwell

When you employ the hearts of counselors and add the mind of a theologian and multiply it by the experience of a multi-generational ministry of 25 years, you get a book like Unhindered. For all those who help others and for those in need of help, Unhindered is a must have. Get it and be blessed. Read it and live!

Michael Pitts
Steven Furtick
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