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Dealing With Difficult People
... Without Killing Them
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Welcome the Adversary
In his new book, Dealing With Difficult People, Robertson explores how we can learn from ones who cause us the most trouble. With transparency and humor, he draws insight from his own journey and guides readers toward a deeper understanding.

Robertson uncovers biblical relationship principles reflected in the lives of David, Paul and even Jesus, as they navigated the challenges of relating to the broken people around them.

Ultimately, Robertson encourages readers to take a look inward and identify self-defeating patterns that may sabotage their own relationships. After all, the most difficult person we will ever have to deal with in our lives may well be ourselves.

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As pastor and author Mike Robertson writes, the people around you are either making you better or they are pulling you backward. If you want to become all God has in mind for you, you will find yourself in life-giving relationships--and that will include some difficult people, like it or not.

Through Dealing With Difficult People, Mike Robertson hopes to guide readers to a deeper understanding.

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What People Are Saying About Different Mike Robertson Books On...
Pastor Mike's new book, Mind Viruses, is upmost in explaining our need to explore our mind for the viruses that hinder us in our walk with the Lord. Truly, this is a book every Christian who has ever wrestled with uncertainty, must read. I couldn't put it down until I explored the entire book. I highly recommend reading and internalizing this book as you deal with viruses of your mind.
Review by Amazon Customer
Mike Robertson put out an awesome book that was down to earth and thought provoking at the same time. We all have struggled with mind viruses and this book gives you great ideas to combat them. I got this on my Kendall earlier this year and now I'm going to buy several for Christmas presents. It was that good.
Review by Amazon Customer

In his book Dealing With Difficult People (without killing them), my friend Mike Robertson has us doing two things at once. He has us looking out of the window at the difficult people in our lives while simultaneously holding a mirror to ourselves, making us wonder if we are ever that difficult person someone wants to kill. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be surprised by Mike’s candor and transparency. You’ll be challenged, comforted, and matured through this book.

Sam Chand

In his new book, Pastor Mike Robertson shows us how to live an amazing life, even when surrounded by difficult people. His wisdom, stories, and humor make this great book a must-read for anyone who knows people.

Tim Storey
John Maxwell

Mike not only does a masterful job in addressing learning from early dysfunctional relationships but also reveals the hidden purpose difficult people play in forming our future. No one wants to do the heavy lifting anymore when it comes to relationships.

Rich Wilkerson, Sr.
Steven Furtick

Mike shows us through his experiences how a radical transformation and a near-death experience mentored him in dealing with difficult people. Great insights. Read this book and realize the importance and power of Christ in dealing with difficult people.

Benny Perez
Bishop TD Jakes
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